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Magic School Bus Rides Again Birthday Party

We had E's birthday party before we left on a trip, so it was important to have everything well-planned. This year instead of doing one party (with family and friends) we had a kids only party in the morning and over lunch with school, church, and other friends and then starting at 4:30pm we had family over (with a few family friends). So this was really two parties.


Decor was super easy for this party! When Netflix rebooted Magic School Bus, they "threw" a Rides Again reboot party and have a ton of free printables available. Check out below for examples of how we used the printables as well as how we kicked it up a notch.

My mom had science-themed decorations from a summer camp so we hung a few of them from the ceiling and added a few bunches of yellow and black balloons. At the front foyer I set up a borrowed school bus tent and put out Magic School Bus books I'd borrowed from the library.

This was the spread for the kids party. I made i…

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