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Kid's Virtual Birthday Party

I came across this  Indigo post  about a virtual birthday party which was pretty straightforward and a great jumping off point. Invitation: Decorations: Unsurprisingly there were none!! Though you could put up a banner behind the birthday kid so it would show on the video call. Food: The only food were cupcakes that we had made to E's specifications by a friend who's an amazing baker. He wanted pink and sparkly. Activities: We had an online call and while we waited for everyone to figure out Google Meets (while not being signed in to a school account) we had the kids share something fun they had done in the previous few weeks and just chat to one another. Once everyone was on the call we opened our loot bags (see below) and took out the bracelet to wear and what we needed to play Bingo. We played Bingo using these great free printable bingo cards . This download comes with 10 individual cards and a call card. So we could play at least twice, instead of using a dabber or pen to

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